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Why is afternoon tea so special?

By Wells Vintage Tea Party, Jun 28 2017 04:15PM

During the Spring and Summer months, afternoon tea in some form or other is pretty much a part of every week for me, but I never tire of it. I still feel the same spark of excitment today when I pack up my pretty trios and teapots to be delivered to someone's special occasion as I did when I first started this journey a few years ago.

But what is it that makes afternoon tea so special? ...

I recently read an article about afternoon in the Neptune Stories for Spring magazine and these words sum up perfectly why it is so special to me.

"When you're invited to afternoon tea at somebody's home, you always know that it is going to be lovely.... It's something to count down to."

It is the build up to afternoon tea as well as the ocassion itself that makes it so special. Whether it is a grand event with lots of guests or a simple gathering with a few close friends, it is a wonderful date to have in the diary. One that will be talked about and looked forward to by both host and guests.

Afternoon tea is an age-old tradition that is loved and shared across all generations. It can be both delicate and indulgent at the same time, and is as formal or informal as you choose.

Planning an afternoon tea does require a bit of thought and time to ensure that the right ambience is created. Simple things like thinking about the presentation of the food (as well as what will be served) will add to the experience for both you and your guests. Why does tea taste so much better when drunk from a bone china teacup?

A few seasonal flowers will elevate it from just tea and cake to something much prettier. If the season and weather permits, sit outside and hang bunting and lantterns to create a wonderful garden party atmosphere.

Whether you are planning an afternoon tea for a wedding, christening, birthday, anniversary, hen do (the list could go on and on...), we would love to hear from you.

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